About us

Shunya is a company started by a couple Shubhangi Verma and Adarsh Srivastava. 

Shubhangi is a Dentist by qualifications. But after the birth of her daughter she realised her love for art and DIY concept. She left her job and started painting. She later started Shunya with the support of her husband who was a full time Employee in Google.Shunya not only sell Artworks related to mandala art but also tools to help Amateur Artists to work. Shunya later started many different DIY kits as it believes in a philosophy that "Any body can paint". On one hand Shubhangi was busy designing new Artworks and DIY kits, Talking to clients and vendors. She also created two big Facebook groups for women who want to paint and sell their products. She also makes Free Youtube Tutorial for artists to try her designs. Adarsh helped her in designing this amazing website and all the technical side of business. 

Shunya's Vision is to deliver the best quality DIY Kits to the world. So that anyone sitting at home can make any art form with the help of our DIY YouTube Tutorial videos. 

Though in the midway Shunya lost its one pillar Adarsh due to Covid. But Shubhangi is still there to take Shunya to new heights. She hopes to help many more people who love art and love to paint. Lets spread Happiness and colours through Shunya.. Cheers. 

 Adarsh and Shubhangi