About the products :

  • Are these products handmade or machine-made ?

        Answer : All the artworks are handmade. Castings are made with silicon                      

        moulds. Stencils, MDF cutouts are machine made all by local vendors.

  • What is the material used ?

.       Answer : 1) Artworks : MDF base, Acrylic paint, varnish, resin (Non-Toxic)

                       2) Castings : Gypsum, Distilled Water. 

                       3) Stencils : Recycled Reusable Plastic.

                       4) MDF Products : Recycled Compressed Pinewood Dust.

                       5) Tools : Wood

                       6) Paint : Acrylic Paint

                       7) Plates : Pinewood 

  • How can I exactly know the dimensions of any product ?

        Answer : Dimensions about each product is mentioned in Description. 

  • I don't want the complete kit, Can I get an individual item from the kit ?

        Answer : Sorry we don't sell individual items from kit. As they are pre packed 

  • Are the castings unbreakable ?

         Answer : Castings are really hard and considered unbreakable. But may            

                        break or chip off if they fall from a height.

  • Can we decorate the hand painted stuff outdoor ?

        Answer : Yes we have varnished or resined them hence they become UV 

                       resistant. Still we feel that we should avoid harsh or direct sunlight.

                       as it may lead to slight discolouration or fading or real colours.. 

  • Can we put hand painted artworks in Water. 

          Answer : Handprinted StonesMany people want to put artwork like

                         Handprinted Stones in water or aquarium. If the stone is resined,

                         yes you can put it water, but prolonged exposer in hard water may      

                         cause erosion to the surface. 

                         Handprinted MDF : You cannot put Mdf or any canvas in water.



Ordering the products :

  • I want to order a particular shape of tea-light, stone. Can you help ?

          Answer : Yes you can choose a particular shape. There is an option to

                         customise when you select the product. Choose variant option.

                         and then choose the desired Shapes. You can WhatsApp us if

                         your desired option is not present.

  • The product I want to order is out of stock, Can you help ?

         Answer :  Please whatsapp us and you will be notified.

  • I have accidentally ordered the product, How can I cancel it ?

          Answer : Please call or WhatsApp us within 24 hours. you will get the


  • I have ordered a wrong product, how can I change it ?

         Answer : You can reorder the correct product and inform the team to

                         remove the previous ones before 24 hours of order.

  • Are there any hidden costs (sales, tax, etc) on items ?

          Answer : Yes GST is applied depends on products.

  • Is COD available in my area ?

          Answer : Yes we do give Cash on delivery to most places in India. But    

                          team may contact you if your pincode is not eligible for    


  • What methods of payment do you accept ?

           Answer : Domestic payment :  Visa, Google pay, Phonepe, Mastercard,

                          American Express, RuPay, Airtel Money, Freecharge, Ola Money,      

                          Paytm, MobiKwik, PayZapp. 

                          International payment : Paypal. 

  • Can I pay through Google Pay,  Paytm , PhonePe ?

         Answer : Yes you can pay...

  • My payment has failed, Can you help? 

          Answer : You can try to reorder. And if unable to do the payment again  

                         you  can opt for COD also. Just check with the team and

                         WhatsApp within 24 hours or call.

  • I have not received any order confirmation, Can you help ?

         Answer : Please check if you have mentioned your email id during  

                        ordering the product.

                        Sometimes the confirmation mail goes into the spam folder of  

                        your Email. Try searching Shunya and you will get.

Shipping :

  • How is the shipping charge calculated?

          Answer : Shipping cost is calculated depends on Zones, countries,  

                          Weight and Dimension of box. Website will automatically 

                          calculated to easy your process of ordering.

  • Do you ship internationally?

          Answer : We have a different platform  called Etsy to order for international


                         But as of now shipping only in India as we are working on

                         operations for Interational orders

  • How can I track my product?

          Answer : When you order please enter your email id and phone

                         number also in your details. If you forgot to enter email id contact

                         our team and we will edit it from our end. Once the product is

                         processed and dispatched you will receive a mail showing your    

                         tracking id and about Delivery partner. Its a link from where you  

                         can track.


  • When will you dispatch my order ?

          Answer : Dispatch takes place once the order is processed. It may take

                          2-4 days for castings to 7 days for artwork. Remember Bulk

                          order may take 10-15 days also

  • How long does my order take to reach me ?

          Answer  : It will normally take 6-7 days to reach you.

                          Minimum : 4 days ( Mostly Metro cities )

                          Maximum :  10 days ( If location is somewhere interior )

                          Delivery time may prolong if there is any National holiday,  

                          weekend or emergency crisis like lockdown.


Return And Refund :

  • I have received damaged product ? help!

          Answer : Please make a video and share on the same day of delivery

                         and we will either refund or replace the damaged products. If  

                         some Tea lights or stones are damaged rest are fine, We will  

                         replace accordingly.

  • Do you exchange customised product?

          Answer : Customised products like an Artwork, Bulk order, order

                          during sale or any perishable things cannot be exchanged or  

                          returned. If you receive it damaged then yes same product  

                          will be send you back.

  • I have purchased during sale can I exchange ?

         Answer : No we don't accept exchanges during Sale. 

How to use :

  • How to use this DIY toolkit ?

          Answer : Diy kit has a manual that will help you step by step to use this

                         Toolkit. We also have many Youtube videos that may guide you to

                         use this kit. Please check our Youtube channel ''Shunya by

                         Shubhangi'' for more details. 

  • Do we need to apply primer on stone, tea-light before painting ?

         Answer :  No, You can directly paint on Tealights or stones or on MDF


  • How to make a mandala as a beginner ?

          Answer : Please checkout our Youtube channel " Shunya by

                          Shubhangi" for free Tutorials 

  • Which varnish do you recommend ?

          Answer : I use Brustro spray Varnish

  • How to make a perfect mandala ?

         Answer : You can use Stencil to make a symmetrical mandala and with  

                         good fresh paint and good tools you can make a perfect  


                         Key is practice practice practice...

  • Do you take classes ?

          Answer : No I don't take classes, I make free Youtube tutorials. 


  • Do you have any Youtube channel ?

          Answer : Shunya by Shubhangi